Vern Carlson



Vern Carlson is a born and raised multi-generational Alaskan. He has spent most of his life in Cantwell and the surrounding mountains. He spends his summers fishing for Arctic grayling, and then in the fall hunts moose and caribou, while picking berries. Winters are spent riding snow machines and gathering firewood.


Vernon has supported and engaged in localized education. His wife of 23 years, Susan, is a retired teacher from the Denali Borough School District. Vernon's children, Tvetene and Kiana, are also graduates from Cantwell school and hold degrees from UAA. Vernon is currently serving his fourteenth year on the Denali Borough School Board and continues to advocate for educational opportunities across the state.

Vernon understands the subsistence lifestyle and the importance of keeping Alaskan opportunities for Alaskans. Alaska may be large in geography, but it is tightly connected by community and resources, from fishing fleets along the coast, to oil in the north, timber in the southeast, minerals in the interior. This land is our provider and we must be good stewards with the resources it provides.


Empowering Alaskans

I am running to be an Alaska House Representative for House District 6. I am choosing to run as a non-partisan candidate because I believe all Alaskans should be adequately and fairly represented-regardless of political affiliation.

As representative I will work to maintain and increase local control of Alaska's resources and improve opportunities for Alaskans while protecting the land that we love and appreciate.

I will use my fourteen years of experience as a school board member and understanding of Alaska's economic opportunities to stabilize the Alaska state budget, and diversify our revenue stream and prioritizing our expenditures. This money belongs to Alaskans and it is the responsibility of elected officials to collect it and allocate it in a fair and equitable way. This includes prioritizing support for the Permanent Fund and increasing employment opportunities with long-term benefits and living wages.

I am a firm believer in the Alaska Constitution and public process. I will continue to listen to concerns from community members living in the Interior and am confident that I will work with legislative representatives across the state to benefit the constituents of District 6.